I have been mental busy for a couple of days now, sorting things out around the house and writing/ researching chapter 2 of THE ELOHIM EXPERIMENT, which feels like it is going quite welll at the moment, But I’m mostly excited this week as my third short story ALONE IN TORMENT went live on Amazon for kindle. Follow the link to take a look and if you don’t fancy spending a whole 77p, then why not try a sample to see if you think it sounds good? 🙂  I’m getting on significantly with the short story collection, which should be ready for early 2013 if things go to plan, maybe before that if I pull my finger out? But my baby is THE ELOHIM EXPERIMENT and it feel like it’s rocking along quite nicely. Of course I’d love to have it in the bag and ready to go, but life doesn’t work like that and the pain of giving birth is part of the fun (No I didn’t just say that! And yes I know, ladies, that the pain of giving birth in the real sense is much worse and anything but fun; I have the scars in the back of my hand to prove it! 🙂 I’ll be back a s soon as I can with more updates, in the meantime, have a quick read (even if it’s just the free sample) and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your thoughts and views and I’d be even more greatful if you’d review them for me on Amazon. Speak soon guys, love you all.


ALONE IN TORMENT New horror short released tomorrow

Dumbass that I am I have been trying to access the publicize function for ages from my phone. I have just approached the problemn again from my laptop and solved it! I hope this post makes it out on its own without the need for me to generate a seperate link each time and upload it seperately to both facebook and twitter. Anyway, technophobe stuff out of the way; you may have guessed that I’m a little bit excited about the third of my horror short stories going live on amazon tommorow! Very happy bunny.:-) But I won’t be resting on my laurels; I am busily collating the first collection of my short stories. All horror/paranormal/supernatural.  All three that I have released so far are in there along with ten others that are exclusive to this collection. I’ll post more updates about that when it’s going live. In the meantime I’m still plodding away on my first full length novel THE ELOHIM EXPERIMENT. It’s going really well, the first chapter and prologue are with Dave, the star who is proofreading for me and chapter two is well under way! come back soon, follow and make sure you comment about what you like, what you don’t and what you’d like to see on here! Love you guys 🙂

LOL, ok that worked

I’ve been experiencing a little technical hitch, I can post happily and relatively easily when i’m on the move with my galaxy S2, (I love my phone!) but I have just tried posting from my laptop and four out of five posts failed with a tag saying “Invalid request” for some reason? I know it’s off topic,  but does anyone have any idea why some posts are uploading and some are not? As you can probably tell I am not a genius in th IT department, I can find my way around but it doesn’t take much to trip me up! 🙂

Alone in torment release.

Exciting news, my new horror/supernatural short ALONE IN TORMENT goes live on amazon tomorrow. It’s the twisted looping tale of a man who knows his life is horrible but can’t remember the hideous reasons for it. Remembering comes at a price! I’ll post a link as soon as out goes live. Check back soon for updates, follow me and comment. See you soon x

Fast worker!

Last night, I went to bed with the seed of a new idea for a horror short to go into the collection I’m working on. This morning I was up with the larks and scribbling down the bones of the idea. During the day I have hand written it out in full, tweaked it and typed it into my laptop ready to be included! I have surpassed myself; writing 2000 words in less than 24hrs. Wow, I’m a machine! Hey there’s an idea for a short story! 🙂

Work, work, work

…and I love it! After having my thumb surgically removed from my butt, I eventually stopped procrastinating about the tweaks for chapter one and settled on my first draft. It is now on the move as it has been emailed to my proofreader. YAY! It’s about the third time said it, but chapter one and the prologue FINALLY are in the bag. On with chapter two; set a mere seven million years before chapter one! In other news, I have begun to collate a collection of some of my short stories that will be published very soon. It will be titled TALES OF THE MYSTERIOUS AND MACABRE and looks like it will contain around ten or twelve of my better stories including THE KILLING ANGEL and OUT OF THE FRYING PAN which are currently available on amazon individually for just 77p. I will, of course, keep you up to date with the collections process as well as progress on THE ELOHIM EXPERIMENT. Research for chapter two is complete and the write has begun (scratching handwritten notes this morning) so give it a week our so and I should have this chapter just about ready for transfer from my hand written notes onto my laptop and off to my proofreader. I have to just mention my good friends David and Anouska who’s help and support is hugely appreciated; the true test of friendship is being able to up pick up where you left off, whether it be twenty minutes or twenty years and your friendship is appreciated as much as your help, you are special people.