Titles available on amazon for kindle

To date, I have three short stories available on amazon. The first is called THE KILLING ANGEL and is the tale of a troubled young man dealing with his own urges as well as the spirit of his venomous dead mother. He is at odds with the world until he find his true calling! Find it at: http://tiny.cc/1t3ulw  The next is called OUT OF THE FRYING PAN and is an old fashioned paranormal tale in the style of victorian writers. A man sits alone by the fire, contemplating his failing life until he sees something unexpected in the fire. Find it at: http://tiny.cc/794ulw  Finally there is ALONE IN TORMENT The story of a man who forgets his life, struggles to remember it, then wishes he hadn’t! Find it at: http://tiny.cc/9i5ulw . Coming VERY soon is the first collection of my short stories called TALES OF THE MYSTERIOUS AND MACABRE, it contains thirteen of my short stories from mildly mysterious to paranormal, hauntings and horror and will be available to buy on amazon within a week or two. The most exciting development lately is the progress on my first full length novel THE ELOHIM EXPERIMENT where aliens visit the earth and begin a centuries long experiment. In the modern world, a couple on holiday in scotland discover a secret document that will change history and reveal a darkness long hidden. It is a work in progress at the moment but I’m aiming to release out for sale sometime in 2013. Come back and find out about updates and promotions and feel free to comment on my work, what you see on here and what you would like to see on here. Thank you for your time, enjoy. X



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