I have been mental busy for a couple of days now, sorting things out around the house and writing/ researching chapter 2 of THE ELOHIM EXPERIMENT, which feels like it is going quite welll at the moment, But I’m mostly excited this week as my third short story ALONE IN TORMENT went live on Amazon for kindle. Follow the link to take a look and if you don’t fancy spending a whole 77p, then why not try a sample to see if you think it sounds good? 🙂  I’m getting on significantly with the short story collection, which should be ready for early 2013 if things go to plan, maybe before that if I pull my finger out? But my baby is THE ELOHIM EXPERIMENT and it feel like it’s rocking along quite nicely. Of course I’d love to have it in the bag and ready to go, but life doesn’t work like that and the pain of giving birth is part of the fun (No I didn’t just say that! And yes I know, ladies, that the pain of giving birth in the real sense is much worse and anything but fun; I have the scars in the back of my hand to prove it! 🙂 I’ll be back a s soon as I can with more updates, in the meantime, have a quick read (even if it’s just the free sample) and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your thoughts and views and I’d be even more greatful if you’d review them for me on Amazon. Speak soon guys, love you all.


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