Artistic temperament!

After posting on here that chapter one of THE ELOHIM EXPERIMENT was in the bag, I have been re writing part of it! I put it down to artistic temperament, at least that’s my excuse. On reading it back, I felt the pace was ok, the content was pretty good but it just lacked that little something that changes a god read into a book you just can’t put down. I’m pleased to report that I think I’ve now managed to put a barb on it that will hook a reader from the get go. It has been a challenge as the story is a horror/sci fi but it begins with a romance! Therein lies the challenge, write believable romance but just spooky enough to drag you to the next chapter. Blowing, my own trumpet, I think I’ve finally pulled it off. (forgive the puns, sounds more like fifty shades than romance!) Check back and follow me for updates.


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