Halloween is upon us and it’s time for my free horror story promo. I have three works for your delectation, each full of tension and scares; perfect for night time reading to #scareyourselfstupid!
First up we have THE KILLING ANGEL, the tale of a disturbed young man dealing with rejection and his mothers evil spirit before “accepting” a job from God! Download here
Next up is OUT OF THE FRYING PAN a paranormal tale in the style of Victorian horror. One mans rest is another mans burning desire! Download it here
Finally comes ALONE IN TORMENT, this tale begins when a man wakes up from a hideous nightmare that he can’t remember; a his memory returns, he wishes it hadn’t! Download it here
All these stories are FREE for today (and maybe tomorrow) so hurry before it’s too late. I hope you have your geese bumped while reading. If you enjoy them, PLEASE review them. Send your reviews to me at, find me on G+ (Simon Parker, with pinhead as a profile pic!) on twitter @simonparker1969 or leave a comment on here and follow my blog 🙂  HAPPY HALLOWEEN guys, have a wonderful spooky time with more treats than tricks!

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It’s finally upon us! Halloween is mere hours away and ALL THREE of my short horror stories are available for FREE over Halloween! Download The Killing Angel, Out of the Frying Pan and Alone in Torment from Amazon for kindle or for the kindle app on your smart phone. I’ll be posting links very shortly. Come back soon 🙂

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Life turns on a dime!

Forgive me for quoting Stephen King in the title of this blog but it just seems so apt for me at the moment. I’m not going to go onto a rant about how crap life can be or the curve balls it throws you at the most inappropriate times, quite the opposite; this has not been a great year for my family really (despite my finally becoming a published writer) but recently my mother has become ill with myeloma and although this has increased stress levels and given me more thongs that need sorting, it has also put things in perspective and boosted my motivation to pull out the thumb I have had firmly stuck in my butt and get all these things done, procrastination is no longer an option so I am gladly grabbing the bull by the horns and turning all our lives around! I’ve always been a go with the flow kind of guy but sometimes a little rudder can make a big difference and right now I feel I can no longer tell myself “what will be will be”. I still firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, but sometimes that reason is to prod you into action, not merely submit to the will of the universe (or God or whoever/whatever your beliefs are). In view of that, I can now see all these bad things that have happened, and are still happening, to my family are actually the key to making things better. To quote another writer, Richard Bach, “you are never given a problem without also being given the tools to deal with it.” So although things are not in the best of shape at the moment, I am in the best frame of mind I’ve been for a long time and moving things forward at a pace. My writing is still very important to me but it has had to take it’s place in the grand scale of what is going on. I have admitted defeat in getting my collection of short stories out in time for halloween, but all being well they should be ready for a Christmas release. My novel will proceed at it’s own pace and I’m aiming for next halloween to publish that. In the meantime, my thoughts and main focus are in an obvious place and I thank you for the sentiments and offers of support I’ve had; it’s been a help and a comfort to know that in this world of “me first” there are still a plethora of those who actually give a damn and (you know who you are) you have restored my faith in people! I’ll still keep blogging and writing and I’ll be posting links on here soon for my halloween giveaway. Thank you for listening to my rant (after promising I wouldn’t!) I’ll see you back here soon. 🙂  x

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#free horror stories.

Just a very brief post today to let you all know that I couldn’t decide which of my horror shorts to give away this halloween, so all three will be available free for twenty for hours over halloween. I will be posting the links nearer the time.
I’ve been busy with an illness in the family so haven’t concentrated fully on my writing, but the collection should hopefully still be ready for release by Christmas and the novel is still progressing, though not a fast at the moment. I’ll post again as soon as I can and hopefully be back to normal in the not too distant future. Love to you all and keep reading and scaring yourself (#scareyourselfstupid) 🙂

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Strange and dark times

Things haven’t exactly been going to plan lately; I won’t bore you with family details, but suffice it to say that family time has been “different” lately and frequent visits to hospital have been taking priority over writing time. I am still squeezing in some time to carry on with the projects thatI have going and still hope to get TALES OF THE MYSTERIOUS AND MACABRE released before Christmas, but my duty as a loving son is to put my focus elsewhere until the picture changes. It’s a n adjustment for all of us and I know I can make it work, but I must apologise to you now if my posts become less frequent and not as detailed for a while. I love my writing and I love my blog and intend to keep it going and improve the content as I grow in confidence using it. I’ll be posting the links to my existing works on here soon and I’ll be back on here as soon as time allows. In the meantime, have fun, reading,, writing and doing what you love. Take care and speak soon. Simon x


Just a brief post today to give you the heads up about my newest promotion. After much consideration, I have decided that one of my horror/paranormal shorts will be FREE on amazon for Halloween. I’m as yet, undecided which one, but keep coming back for more updates. I will be posting the link and title nearer the time. In the meantime, I am still working on TALES OF THE MYSTERIOUS AND MACABRE, a collection of thirteen horror, mystery and paranormal tales from the spooky to the terrifying; the collection is almost complete though sadly I don’t think it’ll be ready for halloween as hoped.
In the next couple of days I’ll be posting an excerpt from JACK, my newest short horror that finds a struggling writer making deals with the devil for a masterpiece manuscript about the most famous serial killer of all time!

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