I’m back! :-)

Hi guys, I’m back from a short break and will hopefully be posting most days now. While I was off, I’ve published another short story called “out of the frying pan” I intended to put this up for free, as I mentioned in a previous post, but sadly amazon have a different view! Apparently it’s only the big publishers who can offer items for free, and being an independent I can’t access this option, so for now, it is 77p until I can figure our a way to make it free! During my time off I’ve been working on my first novel, which is coming along well at the moment. I’ve also been working on lots of ideas for more short stories, aiming to release a collection sometime next year. Please come back and check the blog regularly and I promise to try to keep you interested 🙂  have you read”the killing angel “yet or”out of the frying pan? Let me know what you think, it’ll be good to hear your views, even if you don’t like it! Follow me on twitter too @simonparker1969  see you soon 🙂

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Out of the frying pan, released on Kindle

I am proud to announce that Out of the frying pan has now been released on kindle and goes live tommorow! It is priced nice and low for the first few days and I will be giving away several copies, so keep an eye on it! Just go to the kindle store and search for “Out of the frying pan” while you’re there, why not check out “The Killing Angel ” if you haven’t already. Take care and I’ll be posting again real soon. Simon x