Work, work, work

…and I love it! After having my thumb surgically removed from my butt, I eventually stopped procrastinating about the tweaks for chapter one and settled on my first draft. It is now on the move as it has been emailed to my proofreader. YAY! It’s about the third time said it, but chapter one and the prologue FINALLY are in the bag. On with chapter two; set a mere seven million years before chapter one! In other news, I have begun to collate a collection of some of my short stories that will be published very soon. It will be titled TALES OF THE MYSTERIOUS AND MACABRE and looks like it will contain around ten or twelve of my better stories including THE KILLING ANGEL and OUT OF THE FRYING PAN which are currently available on amazon individually for just 77p. I will, of course, keep you up to date with the collections process as well as progress on THE ELOHIM EXPERIMENT. Research for chapter two is complete and the write has begun (scratching handwritten notes this morning) so give it a week our so and I should have this chapter just about ready for transfer from my hand written notes onto my laptop and off to my proofreader. I have to just mention my good friends David and Anouska who’s help and support is hugely appreciated; the true test of friendship is being able to up pick up where you left off, whether it be twenty minutes or twenty years and your friendship is appreciated as much as your help, you are special people.