What a strange day today has been, this morning seemed to go on forever and then suddenly it was seven pm! I don’t feel like I accomplished a whole lot today writing wise, although I did add another great short story idea to my ideas file. Today was about connecting; this morning was connections I’d rather have not had to make but a situation arose that had to be dealt with, but this afternoon has been spent pleasantly flitting between social media sites connecting with new friends, established authors and others who share interests in writing in its many forms whatever the genre. Clearly my chosen genre is horror/paranormal but I have read many great books outside my comfort zone and found them inspiring. Some may say this denies me the title of true horror fan, personally I’m not so into titles and boxes, I’m into what feels right, what touches something within me and ignites a spark, something that makes a connection with me and means something to me. My new friends on twitter, facebook and especially on goodreads all seem to share those views and that alone is a good enough starting place for me. I hope some of these impersonal “follows” and “follow backs”will lead to genuine friendships, there are some very special, talented and creative people out there who, but for these sites, would have always been strangers to me. Heres to connections, thank you to those of you who followed me or were gracious enough to allow me to follow you.

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