Welcome to all my new friends from Goodreads. I’ve just got my head around twitter, facebook, my blog and g+ and now I’ve added Goodreads to the stable. It seems a worthy addition though and full of interesting people and books of course! But once I’ve finished posting on ask these sites, will I find time for real writing? Of course I will, there’s always time for the things you love in life. Talking of writing, I have been in a writing frenzy over the last few days; I’m still moving forward with Elohim Experiment (not quite as fast as I’d like, but that’s no surprise) but I’ve also written another short story, scratched down ideas for another three, done some more editing on Tales of the Mysterious and Macabre and just last night I had an amazing dream that I’m scratching down the details now. Not sure if it’ll be a short story or the next novel, but I’ll most certainly be writing it. The the short stories I have on amazon already are slowly gaining a bit of momentum, I dont ever expect to make millions from them, but I must admit, it’s the launch of Elohim I’m most excited about although Tales will be released first (sometime early 2013) but now I’m rambling! Time for more coffee and get back to my scribblings (yes I still write all my notes by hand before transferring them to my laptop!) Speak soon my lovelies. Simon x


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