Strange and dark times

Things haven’t exactly been going to plan lately; I won’t bore you with family details, but suffice it to say that family time has been “different” lately and frequent visits to hospital have been taking priority over writing time. I am still squeezing in some time to carry on with the projects thatI have going and still hope to get TALES OF THE MYSTERIOUS AND MACABRE released before Christmas, but my duty as a loving son is to put my focus elsewhere until the picture changes. It’s a n adjustment for all of us and I know I can make it work, but I must apologise to you now if my posts become less frequent and not as detailed for a while. I love my writing and I love my blog and intend to keep it going and improve the content as I grow in confidence using it. I’ll be posting the links to my existing works on here soon and I’ll be back on here as soon as time allows. In the meantime, have fun, reading,, writing and doing what you love. Take care and speak soon. Simon x


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