Twist on a horror classic

I’ve just completed the first rough draft of a new short story. It’s not a re telling of a classic serial killer tale, it’s a whole new angle on it with deals with the devil himself and a “being john malcovic”feel to part of it. “Jack, prayers answered, you need this!” (quote from the story) Obviously I can’t give the plot away, but it’s about a struggling writer who makes a Faustian deal to get the recognition he craves and gets more recognition and renown than he ever expected. The horror and fantasy combined with a well known true story make for an alternative explanation of an unsolved crime. You’ll be able to read it, hopefully later this year, when I release my collection of thirteen short stories entitled TALES OF THE MYSTERIOUS AND MACABRE. it’s nearing completion so it may be ready in time for spooky evening reads at Christmas 🙂  I’m still working on my novel THE ELOHIM EXPERIMENT too and may need a brainstorming session with my muse as the whole thing its planned out, the story is clear in my head but chapter two is proving to be a bump in the road. It just doesn’t run smoothly at the moment when I read it and it’s important to me that I polish it until I’m happy it’s ready for a wider audience! As a by the way, I’m going to be posting some photos on here too, rather than just my dialogue updates; things that inspire me, some original art, things that give me goosebumps and the like. Let me know what sort of things you’d like to see on here and maybe check out my horror shorts already available on amazon and review them for me, I’d certainly be grateful of your views. THE KILLING ANGEL, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN and ALONE IN TORMENT are just 77p each from

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