Halloween is upon us and it’s time for my free horror story promo. I have three works for your delectation, each full of tension and scares; perfect for night time reading to #scareyourselfstupid!
First up we have THE KILLING ANGEL, the tale of a disturbed young man dealing with rejection and his mothers evil spirit before “accepting” a job from God! Download here
Next up is OUT OF THE FRYING PAN a paranormal tale in the style of Victorian horror. One mans rest is another mans burning desire! Download it here
Finally comes ALONE IN TORMENT, this tale begins when a man wakes up from a hideous nightmare that he can’t remember; a his memory returns, he wishes it hadn’t! Download it here
All these stories are FREE for today (and maybe tomorrow) so hurry before it’s too late. I hope you have your geese bumped while reading. If you enjoy them, PLEASE review them. Send your reviews to me at, find me on G+ (Simon Parker, with pinhead as a profile pic!) on twitter @simonparker1969 or leave a comment on here and follow my blog 🙂  HAPPY HALLOWEEN guys, have a wonderful spooky time with more treats than tricks!

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    • Yes, I’m sorry about that, I didn’t realise until it was too late that my short links only worked on even though the stories were available on all amazon sites free of charge. Lesson learned, I will create short links for all amazon sites next time. If you’d like them, I believe they are still free until midnight tonight (EST?) if not, then please feel free to email me at and I will gladly email you copies.

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