Free excerpt from “out of the frying pan”

The day had been a frustrating one. If it could go wrong, it had. I was recovering from an operation, my blood pressure was up and I hadn’t slept well in days. The pain killers weren’t really killing the pain. The bank had bounced another payment and my phone had been cut off…again! I felt swamped. I wasn’t sure what to do to get myself out of this slump, but I had a few ideas and knew from past experience that somehow I’d get through, so I was still pretty upbeat about life in general, considering.
That night I’d sat by the fire reading and sipping a fine single malt I’d been given for christmas last year. I loved to read and it helped me clear my mind of my troubles and escape into…..well, into someone elses misery a it turned out, as I was reading my favourite horror writers latest offering. A couple experiencing a hideous ordeal at the hands of some unknown creature. Just as the husband was in emotional torture over a life and death choice, the biggest log on the fire split with a loud CRACK, showering sparks onto the hearth rug. I nearly jumped out of my skin, spilling my whiskey all over my book and myself. Not like me to be so jumpy, must’ve been a good book. I pried myself up from the chair, wincing at the twinge from my op scar. Patting the still glowing embers with my foot on the rug. Strangely, I felt no pain at all on my bare foot, not even a little heat. I knelt down carefully to make sure the embers were out and there’d be no risk of fire after I’d turned in for the night. That’s when I noticed a little, bright white jet of flame, shooting out of the side of the split log, like there was gas escaping from it or something. It died down quickly, but although the flame was smaller, it still burned brilliant white, almost appearing blue against the yellows, ochres and blacks around it, it was mesmerizing. I don’t know how long I sat there, transfixed by this little oddity, but I realised my legs were aching so I guess it must’ve been at least twenty minutes or so. I moved position, so my legs were more comfortable, but I felt reluctant to leave the bright flame, it felt like I’d be abandoning a friend. Strange thing to say, but that’s the only way I can think to describe that unusual feeling and the emotion it inspired in me. It didn’t spit or sputter any more, just danced and swayed gently, keeping my focus, unblinking. It was almost as if it was talking to me. I began to make sense of what it was saying; deciphering the language of movement. It seems crazy now, even to me, but I understood what it was saying, it made perfect sense then. Although now, I can’t remember much of what I thought it was saying. It didn’t feel like it was evil, minger you may expect from fire, but it didn’t feel sublimely good either. It just…was. It existed in perfect balance, sentient and calm, in a strange kind of synergy with my mind……….

Hope you enjoyed it? Let me know your thoughts. The full story will be on kindle soon.

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