Tales of the Mysterious and Macabre

Well, time to kick start this blog again, it’s been a while since I had the time or energy, but while time is still a rare commodity, energy abounds. Excited energy. My book- Tales of the Mysterious and Macabre- that I first self published back  in 2012, has been picked up by Camelot Publishing Company and sees it’s release on 27th February 2016. It’s now been re written, re-vamped and has expanded from the original thirteen stories to now include nineteen stories. It will be in paperback as well as digital. Watch this space for more details and links as they arrive. We’re VERY close now and it’s getting VERY exciting!



Tales of the Mysterious and Macabre FREE!

Yes, you read the title correctly, Tales of the Mysterious and Macabre is not only “some of the scariest fiction you’ll read” but is now available worldwide for your Kindle and Kindle app on your smart phone and for a limited time only is FREE for you to download. Some of my beta readers said that the characters stayed with them long after they’d put the book down. A five star reviewer said ” I couldn’t find a story I didn’t like! ” Head on over to Tales of the Mysterious and Macabre to download your FREE copy now. There are thirteen tales of terror, horror and mind twisting darkest fantasy that’ll leave you wanting to sleep with the lights on! I hope you enjoy it and it’d be great if you could come back and tell me what you thought. It’d be even cooler of you’d go to Amazon and review it for me 🙂 Tales of the Mysterious and Macabre