Dark times and busy times

Well it’s been a crazy busy time and it’s all getting ready to kick off over Halloween, the greatest time of year (in my humble opinion! )
The first exciting thing that’s happened to me this week is my guest feature on 1 book lovers opinion blog, follow the link to see this great blog and my horror author feature 🙂
Next exciting thing happening to me is the long awaited release of Winds of Change,  the collection of stories gathered together in one book for a charity for the relief of the victims of hurricane Moore in Oklahoma. The book is now ready and will finally see the light of day next Wednesday the 30th October I saw the cover for the first time today, so I can’t promise is an exclusive but. ….


To add to the excitement of being lucky enough to be part of such a collection, I am also taking part in my first author interview on an oklahoma radio show (blogtalk radio show) that is mainly listened to in and around oklahoma but is available worldwide (and trust me, I’ll be posting links!) I’ll be alongside the amazing lady who’s idea it was and who has worked tirelessly to get it together and ready so it’d be great if you could all listen in and buy the book, it’s for a good cause (and none of us get a penny, it’s ALL for charity) As soon as the book goes live I will post the links and hope you’ll all take a look.
I’ve still been busy writing while all this exciting stuff has been exploding around me; my Christmas short is almost ready to go into our writing groups anthology and I’ve just been invited to be included in another anthology. I’ve also been trying to do some more on my novel (The Elohim Experiment) and my screenplay (Breaking Loose) which I should hopefully begin filming next year!  So all in all a very busy and immensely exciting time. (I understand that most of this excitement is mine but I hope I’ve conveyed a little of it into your world and your life as everything I write and do is for my audience ( although I thoroughly enjoy what I do and would still be a horror fan and do it if there was no audience! ))


Tales of the Mysterious and Macabre

The second edition of my book Tales of the Mysterious and Macabre has received some amazing reviews on Amazon
“You won’t be disappointed” 5*
“I couldn’t find a story I didn’t like” 5*
“Remarkable book of Tales” 5*
“Horribly delightful” 5*
“Stays with you long after you’ve read it! ” 5*
“I can’t think of a better collection of shockers” 5*
Wow, what can I say but thank you for all the praise, it makes me so happy to know you guys are loving my weirdness 🙂 for those of you who haven’t yet had your spine tingled by my unique perspective on horror and dark fantasy, why not go and take a look at Tales of the Mysterious and Macabre but be prepared to sleep with the lights on 🙂

Getting busy, getting sonewhere?

Well, this is my first post for quite a while, for which I can only apologise. I will try not to let it become so long between posts again, but who knows what curves life has ready to throw any of our paths? I have had many issues in my personal life that have taken much of my time but I have still managed to find some time to continue my writing; not as much as I would like to, but some at least. I have also found a little time for promotion which seems to be having some effect at last, hence the title of this post. I’m still a long, loooong way from “arriving” but I feel like things are beginning to progress in the direction I have wanted them to for over a year. In the last few months my book has a new cover on its second edition; one of my shorts has been published in eHorror magazine and I’ve had my short confirmed in a charity anthology that comes out the end of this month (more info on that closer to the time). Coupled with these events in my writing life, I have noticed a steady but definite increase in interest in my book (and in subsequent wip’s) I can only hope this will continue and that over the coming months I find more and more time to do the thing I love most. I don’t write to make money or to find fame and fortune, far from it (and trust me, I am FAR from it! ) I write purely because I love it, I write what I love and I hope that comes through when you read it.  I’m passionate about human emotions and the disturbances our minds can find in the most mundane of things. It is wonderful to be getting some of your amazing feedback on my work and I would be a bare faced liar if I said I didn’t want to make enough money to be able to quit my day job and write every day, but success or no, I will ALWAYS write what I love and love what I write.
Speak soon my darklings
Keep it spooky.

Re launch of Tales of the Mysterious and Macabre

Tales of the Mysterious and Macabre  has been doing well since its relaunch. It has a new (and may I say awesome) new cover by my friend and fellow league member Jack Phillips and has been receiving nothing but five star reviews and my ego has received some serious stroking! It seems that my thirteen tales have been well received and I have been sent some of the most amazing compliments I have ever received over the last few days. I have a new short coming out soon called Pet (I’ll let you know where and when nearer the release date) and I’m still working hard on my novel The Elohim Experiment. I have recently been asked to become a member of a fantastic group of some of the most talented people I have ever met (which in itself was a huge compliment) and it has amazed me just how helpful and supportive they have all been to me (who is quite frankly, a newb! ) but it has also had a surprise effect on my work; with their different backgrounds and some amazing stories we have already shared, it has kickstarted my Muse back into action and the ideas have been pouring forth over the last couple of days 🙂 watch this space, it’s all getting exciting now.

Tales of the Mysterious and Macabre FREE!

Yes, you read the title correctly, Tales of the Mysterious and Macabre is not only “some of the scariest fiction you’ll read” but is now available worldwide for your Kindle and Kindle app on your smart phone and for a limited time only is FREE for you to download. Some of my beta readers said that the characters stayed with them long after they’d put the book down. A five star reviewer said ” I couldn’t find a story I didn’t like! ” Head on over to Tales of the Mysterious and Macabre to download your FREE copy now. There are thirteen tales of terror, horror and mind twisting darkest fantasy that’ll leave you wanting to sleep with the lights on! I hope you enjoy it and it’d be great if you could come back and tell me what you thought. It’d be even cooler of you’d go to Amazon and review it for me 🙂 Tales of the Mysterious and Macabre

Getting back on the horror train

It has been several long weeks since I posted on here and even this post will only be brief. My partner has been in hospital and I hada knee op two weeks ago, so it’s been a weird old time yet again. The good news is that my writing hasn’t suffered too much; I have written a couple of new short stories, done a bit on my novel and begun the final draft of the first episode of THE FUBAR FILES 🙂 In other news. .. the June edition of EHorror magazine will be out VERY soon with my short story JACK included in it. I’m very chuffed and proud of it. I hope you’ll take the time to have a look and read it. Let me know what you think. I still have some recovering to do and an incredibly busy schedule for a few months yet , but I intend to get back to regular posts on here. I’d love to know what sort of things you’d like to see and hear when you visit my blog.


To celebrate the release of my new book Tales of the Mysterious and Macabre For the next 24hrs I have three short horror/dark fantasy/paranormal tales from it for you to download for FREE. Here are the clickable links:
The Killing Angel , the tale of a venomous mother’s spirit and how she leads her son to find his true path.
Out of the Frying Pan a tale of the supernatural in the style of a victorian ghost story. And
Alone in Torment the fearful story of memories lost and the torturous hell of getting them back.
I hope you enjoy these FREE tales and look forward to hearing you comments and reviews.