It’s not a holiday, it’s a way of life!

I’m taking about Halloween of course. It was a hectic but simply amazing time in my household. I had a story I had to get finished for a deadline, a family Halloween night to organise … Oh and of course, the day job (yes I still have a day job, dreaming of the day I can write all day every day! ) So barely time to breath but it was made well worthwhile at each step.  The story went in on time, which pleased me greatly but the email that came back saying ‘that was a wild ride into the macabre’ put a huge smile on my face. The day job. .. well, that’s the day job but we had a laugh and then the Halloween night!  I have for incredible children who are great kids and they all embrace my love of the dark and Macabre, I love em to bits. The four of them (and one of their friends) made our debut Halloween (we’ve never ALL been together on this great day! ) an awesome event. My eldest daughter came as Little Dead Riding Hood, my son was most excellent as a Templar and my youngest daughters were a Familiar (cat) and Witch respectively.
This year I was Jason! 




There weren’t quite so many houses into it this year (we stick to the “no pumpkin or decorations, no knock” rule) but we had good fun and their buckets were overflowing with sweets by the time we came home for pizza!  It was great, but to my mind, what REALLY made the night was our trip to the graveyard (after my little one’s had gone to bed) and the reading of a scary story



. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and judging by the smiles, laughter and chatter, I think they all did too.
Now we’re into the gentle roll down to Christmas, another fantastic holiday and heading for the release of another anthology I have a story in. I can’t give you more details yet as I don’t know the title or the release date but rest assured I will post details as soon as I have them. My tale is called Christmas Spirit and. .. well, it’s pretty dark 🙂
The Winds of Change anthology is doing well and went to number 30 in the chart within its first couple of days, so do your bit for the victims of the oklahoma storms and go buy it, it’s not only helping the relief effort, it’s actually a great book too.
On the day of release of Winds of Change I was involved in the interview on a radio show called The FamilyFactor in oklahoma that you can listen to online at
And then, of course, there is my book Tales of the Mysterious and Macabre which is still doing well and if you haven’t got a copy, you don’t know what you’re missing, why not buy it for yourself or maybe as a Christmas gift for a loved one 🙂
(Please accept my apologies for the lack of links in this post, I will post an update shortly with all the necessary links that work! In the meantime search Winds of Change by Tracey Deming for the book)
Have fun my darklings and I’ll see you again soon.


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