Dark times and busy times

Well it’s been a crazy busy time and it’s all getting ready to kick off over Halloween, the greatest time of year (in my humble opinion! )
The first exciting thing that’s happened to me this week is my guest feature on 1 book lovers opinion blog, follow the link to see this great blog and my horror author feature 🙂
Next exciting thing happening to me is the long awaited release of Winds of Change,  the collection of stories gathered together in one book for a charity for the relief of the victims of hurricane Moore in Oklahoma. The book is now ready and will finally see the light of day next Wednesday the 30th October I saw the cover for the first time today, so I can’t promise is an exclusive but. ….


To add to the excitement of being lucky enough to be part of such a collection, I am also taking part in my first author interview on an oklahoma radio show (blogtalk radio show) that is mainly listened to in and around oklahoma but is available worldwide (and trust me, I’ll be posting links!) I’ll be alongside the amazing lady who’s idea it was and who has worked tirelessly to get it together and ready so it’d be great if you could all listen in and buy the book, it’s for a good cause (and none of us get a penny, it’s ALL for charity) As soon as the book goes live I will post the links and hope you’ll all take a look.
I’ve still been busy writing while all this exciting stuff has been exploding around me; my Christmas short is almost ready to go into our writing groups anthology and I’ve just been invited to be included in another anthology. I’ve also been trying to do some more on my novel (The Elohim Experiment) and my screenplay (Breaking Loose) which I should hopefully begin filming next year!  So all in all a very busy and immensely exciting time. (I understand that most of this excitement is mine but I hope I’ve conveyed a little of it into your world and your life as everything I write and do is for my audience ( although I thoroughly enjoy what I do and would still be a horror fan and do it if there was no audience! ))


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