Hunters and Gatherers- The FUBAR files. a brief introduction.

Hunters and Gatherers- The FUBAR files is a series of stand alone stories, some of which may be posted as one short story, some of which may be posted as parts of a complete story. They are horror/dark fantasy tales of a young man’s exploration into a dark and scary world. His name is Erasmus ‘Raz’ Hunter and he is the latest in a long family line of Hunters to inherit the title of ‘The sword of God’. He’s a bit of a geek and would rather be reading his comics or graphic novels than hunting some of the most terrifying entities in existence, but it is his destiny handed down to him. His father is a typical hero and the second most successful holder of the title ever; holding high hopes for Raz when he comes of age, but Raz isn’t so confident that he’ll measure up. Raz’s great grandfather was the greatest ‘sword’ ever and his last kill was a young lady by the name of Layla. She was a hundred year old vampire who caused quite a stir. She had killed thousands in her time, but had rebelled against the vampire code and restricted her kills to when her thirst was unbearable and when it became necessary to kill, she only killed rotten souls; those of rapists, murderers and child abusers. When Raz’s great grandfather ‘staked’ her, her soul was sent to the devil for processing, but he decided she had been too good a spirit. She had certainly sent him plenty of souls to stoke the fires of the pit, but she herself had denied the evil within her as vehemently as possible. She had been sent to God for processing and he had decided she was not a good enough spirit to enter heaven, rendering her a problem. Never before had God and the Devil had such a dilemma, so she was sent to a holding cell in the suburbs of hell until she swayed their decision one way or another by showing her truest devotion to good or to evil. Great grandfather speaks with God about Raz’s predicament and offers a solution to every-ones problem and God agrees it does indeed seem like a good plan. A rescue party is sent to the suburbs of hell to release her (as the devil would not be happy about letting her go as he holds out hope of claiming her once she has proven to be the evil he knows is in her) Her soul is sent back to earth to prove her worth and to assist Raz in his position as the sword of god. He is the nerdy brains of the outfit, with practically unlimited information resources and she is the strength and the killing machine. Even though she can do most of the physical work, the killing blow, once these monsters are tracked, must be his. They first meet (in the first of their escapades together) in episode one which will hopefully be published in a few days time; entitled The Wroxham Werewolf. Raz is fast approaching his 18th birthday with trepidation and fear as he knows his first task as the sword of god is upon him. His great grandfather appears to him in a dream and tells him of Layla, but Raz puts it down to a wishful dream. Once Raz is on the hunt, he soon realises he is out of his depth and facing the real possibility of dying on his first mission. That is when Layla arrives in a whirling fury to save Raz’s life and start the long road to redeeming her soul. Once the devil realises she has gone and what god has done he is mightily pissed and steps up his reign of terror by sending more demons, ghouls and monsters than ever before to destroy the sword of god. Once that guardian (Raz) is dealt with, the devil can move in on the world unchallenged and god will lose his winning edge! The tales are dark and twisted, sometimes emotional and disturbing and occasionally amusing and with deep descriptive passages, but I will be focusing on the fear and scare factors rather than the gore factor (although there will of course be certain amounts of splatter!) If a geeky antithesis of heroism and an ex vampire who has a grudge against the family sounds like your kind of thing, then come join me in their world of horror where things that go bump in the night are the target and everything is definitely Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition. Follow this blog and sign up to receive notifcations of new posts (There is no obligation, there will be no spam, I will NOT give your details to anyone and posts will be irregular between a couple of weeks and monthly (ish) 🙂 I look forward to seeing you soon.


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