Why we chose to write?

Sometimes my blog posts are quite short, this is intentional and this post is no exception. The general reasoning behind this is that a) I want you to read all of it, not just skim it and fall asleep half way through,  b) I try to be concise so it can be read in a coffee break or just a few minutes of your lunch break so I can get my point (or rant!) across without stealing your valuable time and c) The spare time I get is also pretty limited so I have to keep it short and sweet our I won’t have time to post a often. Anyway, todays post is very short and maybe even abrupt; I’ve been asked by several friends, why I chose to write and I’ve been thinking about it recently. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember and I’ve never really thought about why. It’s just who I am? It’s something I feel compelled to do? I’m a creature of habit and this has been my fix for more years than I care to mention? All of the above actually, but I’ve looked back at my writing peaks and troughs (in content and style; I haven’t actually peaked in sales and acclaim…..yet!) and I’ve noticed a pattern. I won’t bore you with details, but needless to say the traumas my family and I have been through have served me well. During tough times I have used those experiences to gain material for better writing; more effective and believable description and quite probably as a coping mechanism at the time (grasping at anything that can be seen as an advantage in a distinctly inauspicious time is sometimes the only light that can be seen) but it makes for good horror, tense drama and hopefully enthralls people. But after all is said and done, I have discovered that I write to create a world. To feel a sense if control where there is none. To escape from a world that often makes me despair into a world, that while it contains horror, fear and darkness, is in my control and of my making. I can make the bad stuff come and go at will. Life in my world of words can be whatever I want it to be. In a nutshell (nut being the operative word!) THAT is why I chose to write; to make sense of the nonsensical to express the moments of breathless beauty and treasure them, to explore the darkness from the safety of my nest and shut it down at a whim. Writing IS life, life is writing and I LOVE both (can you tell?)
So now the punchline; your turn. Tell me why YOU write?

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