Arrgh the horror!

Last night I say day dreaming about Zombies, as you do, and I was suddenly struck by, what I considered, an awesome idea for a game/app. I decided to get on it right away rather than regret it and see someone else develop it in a year or two. Sadly, my friend whom I consider an expert in these matters (he’s already developed a couple of amazing apps) informed me that although what I envisaged is technically possible, it is incredibly complicated and not really viable. I’m crestfallen, but I won’t let it lay; I’ll be keeping a very close eye on how the augmented reality market moves and what developments there are until I see my opening, then I can begin developing an awesome interactive apocalypse game where you can move around your home and the area outside witnessing horrific zombie hoards and living or dying by your wits and reaction time! I can hear the sound effects in my mind now, I’m obsessed! If anyone knows anyone who works on the cutting edge of this tech, please contact me, I’ve got a heap of ideas about the game and very little idea how to make it happen. Arrgh, frustration!

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