Back on track

Well after a bit of a break from my writing, I am finally back on track and moving forward. I tried a couple of weeks ago with little success, sitting starting blankly with a pen in my hand, but then my muse returned and it all began to flow again and I have completed another short in no time. That leaves just one to go before I publish the collection and chuffed just doesn’t cover it!
Further to this I have started a new job (only part time but it helps support my writing and online business) and I’ve just signed up to begin a degree in english literature in autumn this year! I think maybe I should petition the powers that be to add an eighth day to the week so I can fit it all in.
For those of you interested in TALES OF THE MYSTERIOUS AND MACABRE it “should” be available by the end of Feb and there’s a taster of the tales included on Amazon. Three horror/dark fantasy shorts: THE KILLING ANGEL
ALONE IN TORMENT I hope you enjoy them, I would hugely appreciate any reviews and how you come back when TALES OF THE MYSTERIOUS AND MACABRE is released. See you again soon.

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