A great promotion

well the weekend promotion of OUT OF THE FRYING PAN proved more successful than I had hoped for. With the help of you guys, my friends on facebook and the guys on twitter, things took off and I had more his on my blog than I’ve had since I started and although I was hoping for fifty or so downloads (as irs only a short I didn’t have high expectations) there ended up being over over hundred. To to this I have received glowing praise to the point of embarrassment (although I’m not so modest as to shy away from all of it!) from friend and strangers alike. I can’t thank you guys enough, out had a fantastic response. Considering this was my first promotion and I was only testing the water so to speak, it has had a greater effect than I expected, so thank you.
Inspired by the response I went into a writing frenzy this weekend and I have now almost finished the first draft of THE ELOHIM EXPERIMENT and I can honestly say I am very proud of how it has gone. There are already a few things I have decided to tweak before I transfer my handwritten manuscript onto my laptop, but all in all I think it’s not a bad first chapter and sets up the next phase quite nicely. Once I’m completely happy with it I will post the first chapter on here, just for a taster. Subsequent chapters you’ll have to wait for until the book is released I’m afraid 🙂

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