Free download success, extended

Well this weekend was my first free promotion on amazon. It took me a little while to figure out how to do it, but I had some help from some amazing people and OUT OF THE FRYING PAN finally got the free download weekend that I’d been trying for, so I was very happy. After the minor glich of saying it started at midnight on Friday and then finding out that it was indeed to be midnight but pacific time (approx 9am Saturday!) Things got off to a flying start with tweets and follows coming in thick and fast. My blog hit its all time high for page views and downloads began. Surprisingly (to myself at least) it had more downloads in the U.S than here in the UK and some across Europe but overall I can honestly say I am happy it got so much publicity. I really want sure how well it would be received but it proved both popular to download and received some very positive feedback after it had been read. I’d love to know on here if you downloaded it and what you thought of it. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, there is still time as the promotion has been extended 24hrs and will finish midnight pacific time (so about 9am tuesday) follow the link and take a look. Out of The Frying Pan .I must say thank you to those who helped me in the first place and to those of you who have downloaded and commented; it means the world to me, thank you very much.
Work is surging ahead on The Elohim Experiment and again, it has surprised me how much interest there has been in this before the write is even finished. I’m busily writing chapter one after all the planning and research and it seems to be flowing quite well. It’s set in the historic ruins of Kilchurn castle in Scotland on the aptly named Lochawe. And technology has been my saviour. I have been past the site before but never visited it and won’t be able to until sometime next year, but thanks to amazing technology I have found out all the musing bits of information I needed with a few hours online and not only that but “virtually” visited via google earth with it’s amazing 3D look around option. Obviously this is nothing like actually visiting, but it gave me enough of an insight into the place, structure and access to be able to carry on the write now. The place is not the most important in the story but is integral to the plot as it is where our heroes, Harry and Maggie, discover the ancient document that leads them on a journey of discovery of a secret that is millennia old, but has massive implications for the planet right now. Follow me on here or on twitter ( @simonparker1969) to keep updated with how Harry and Maggie get on. I’ll soon be putting up an author page on facebook too, but I’ll let you know about that when it happens. In the meantime, if I ever find the time, I am also busty trying to create a web page called HORROR WRITER which will not only cover my work but also the work of many other authors, both famous and newly, often independently, published. In addition to this there will be pages of all things to do with the genre, films, collectibles, news, interviews and links to other sites you may find interesting. Again, I will let you know as soon as it is up and running. Busy times ahead, but I’m loving every minute of it, hope you enjoy it too.

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