Fighting your demons

Depression is a monster in the closet, it’s real and it creeps up on you when you least expect it, draining your energy and sometimes worse! There is no defence, garlic doesn’t work, no crucifix or holy water can defeat this beast, your only hope is to fight it with your mind, handle your depression, learn the patterns of it and as paradoxical as it sounds, work with it. It’s the only way you can hope to see the daylight once the dark is gone! I remember how it feels to be in the deepest funk, no hope, no light, constant torture inside my mind and I take these feelings, these fears and I work with them to create works of fiction that trouble the mind in a fun way, a way of being scared when you choose to rather than all of the time. I’ve loved horror since I was a child and first bought a “tales from the crypt” comic at a jumble sale for ten pence! I went through phases of enjoying gore and splatter, vampires, ghosts, paranormal phenomena and religion based horror and I still enjoy all of these, but my tastes have matured as I have grown and now, rather than full on graphic descriptions that leave little to the imagination, I prefer works that make you think, make you create the imagery insider your mind and in effect, make you create your own horror, work with your own fears! Good horror should not only be a good scary story, but a catalyst that ignites something inside you, YOU, the reader are the most important part of any story. My times spent in depression give more to me than they take away now. It has taken me lots of time and effort to make this so, and it may not work for everyone but I use my darkest times as inspiration, my fears beget my ideas. I still live with it but I am no longer its victim, my demon is caged and on a chain!

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